Monday, May 3, 2010


so another semester ends and a month of break begins...well it's officially been a year since i started school and began on this gloriously painful path of becoming a concept artist...a lot of failures coupled with some success...overall not a bad start but there's still much to learn...i would definitely like to thank all my teachers and classmates...much of their teachings and stories have kept me motivated to keep walking down this long dark tunnel in hopes of seeing light at the end so thank you all! *bow down*
anyways the last bit of stuff from classes...towards the end of the figure painting class i would go home after class and paint the figure digitally from what i remember and compare that to the actually painting i did in class...something stephen said he used to do when he was studying painting...pretty interesting how much information can be retained
thats it for now...i'll be doing more concept design and digital paintings during the break to add to my expect more of that in the next update...check back next month! =)

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  1. yeah i like this traditional digital idea - ima steel it....